Lyrical Charm Necklace - Music Plaque

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Lyrical Charm Necklace
Lyrical Charm Necklace
Lyrical Charm Necklace
Lyrical Charm Necklace
Lyrical Charm Necklace
Lyrical Charm Necklace

Lyrical Charm Necklace

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How to customize your lyrical necklace?

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1). Choose Color (Gold or silver)

2). Go to Spotify app, search your song or playlist and copy the link.

3). Paste the link URL to "Link" section

4). Add to cart and complete your purchase. We will engrave on your necklace the code corresponding to the music or playlist you have chosen.

5). Scan the code and you can listen to your favorite song. It's the perfect gift for someone close to you with whom you share a strong bond represented by a particular music or playlist.

  • Size:¬†45cm (17.7 inches) Fits most and it is adjustable.
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Free shipping worldwide

Lyrical Necklace FAQ's

‚ô• Where do you ship?

We deliver anywhere in the world. We are pleased to offer our customers free international shipping.

‚ô• Does the code work for Apple Music, Soundcloud or Tidal?

No. The code only works for Spotify. Other music platforms do not offer QR codes. Once they do, we will offer those music platforms. Sign up for Music Plaque email list for updates.

♥ Can I do a playlist instead of a single song?

Yes. You have to create a playlist first on Spotify, then copy the playlist URL instead of a single song link. 

‚ô• When will I get my Lyrical Necklace?

The process of making the necklace usually takes between 1 and 3 days. All our necklaces are unique, personalized and handmade. Once made, they are usually delivered within 7 business days. In some cases, it can take up to 14 business days. We do not yet offer fast delivery.

♥ Will my Lyrical Necklace fade?

No! All Lyrical Necklaces have a protective chromium layer that prevents tarnishing. 

‚ô• Can I shower with my Lyrical Necklace?

Yes, they are safe to shower with.

♥  What to offer with this Lyrical Necklace ?

To complete this nice gift, there is nothing like a customizable music plaque. In addition to being decorated with your favorite song, it will feature the photo of your choice and will fit perfectly as a decoration. It is the cutest and most perfect gift to capture a good moment shared with someone you love.

‚ô• Can I make returns?

Yes, you have 15 days from the date you receive your order to return any defective Lyrical Necklace.

♥ Are Lyrical Necklaces Unisex?

Yes, Lyrical Necklaces can be worn by both men or women. This makes it a perfect gift to share between couples, to be connected even for long distance relationships.

‚ô• I entered the wrong shipping address, can I change it?

Yes, Please email with your order number as the subject and updated address change. You have 12 hours to make any changes to your order information. After 12 hours, changes are not accepted.